Franco Nanni made his debut with his first solo album ELICOIDE in 1987 with Paolo Grandi on double bass. That meditative and mystical record will become (a couple of decades later) a cult for collectors from around the world up to the reprint (in the thirtieth anniversary of its release) on double vinyl with the original ‘87 recordings and others unpublished of the same period (Affordable Inner Space 2017).

Elicoide 2017 Cover

“Mitochondria”, with its 16 minutes, is a hypnotic piece, for keyboards and double bass, reminiscent of the more percussive Reich, but, compared to this, much softer and lyrical. Relaxed rhythm, the keyboards to dictate the architecture of the piece and the double bass to work melodically inside it, creating a well-made post-minimalist piece.
“Elicoide” is the other song that stands out for its size, 11 minutes of great delicacy. Here too the iterative keyboards draw an architecture of great charm, with more freedom than the first song, themes that follow each other, fit together, appear, disappear and then reappear.
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Now you can listen to ELICOIDE in a beautiful Remastered Edition on all the major streaming services.
Elicoide 1987
ELICOIDE 1987 Cover