Lyrical and hypnotic minimalism meets song, dance and water in Wet, celiodie’s debut album, a new musical adventure signed by Franco Nanni, a well known signature to lovers of electronic minimalism; Nanni, under the name of Elicoide, at the age of twenty-seven published the homonymous album (1987) described by Ivo D’antoni in the Giornale della Musica as: one of the most enlightened examples of Italian minimalism. The album, conceived, composed and played by Franco Nanni, is one of the holy grails of music collecting. There was little information about it, exchanged on obscure Japanese and American music blogs, an aura of mystery then filled by the 2017 reissue (Affordable Inner Space, an edition completed by a second vinyl of unreleased records from the time).

In this new project minimalism becomes more “pop”, and alongside the two long instrumental pieces a sung piece, based on a literary fragment by David Foster Wallace; percussive sounds make their entry with rhythms that recall the Underworld of the best years, but also very recent experiences such as the Portico Quartet.

The hypnotic character so typical of Nanni’s work is still predominant, but it does not disdain more dancing movements and sometimes with a decisive and explicit rhythm. The sound palette is vast: sweet and mellow electronics, concrete and sampled sounds, radio fragments, but also drums and electronic percussion. Also in this rib of the main project Elicoide continues the collaboration with the bass player and cellist Paolo Grandi.

The album is available (from jan 15 2022) on major audio streaming platforms (Spotify, AppleMusic, YouTube and YouTubeMusic)