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In 1969 a verse from King Crimson’s Epitaph read: “But I fear tomorrow I’ll be crying”. This new album, Our Time, starts from an assumption: that “tomorrow” has arrived, and coincides exactly with the time we now live: a painful meditation on the uncertain destinies of man’s presence on earth. The 1969 Epitaph went on: “Knowledge is a deadly friend / If nobody sets the rules / The fate of all mankind I see / Is in the hands of fools”. This is our time, Our Time.

Fifty years later, conceived as a concept album in the tradition of progressive rock, Our Time actually belongs absolutely to the third millennium, created with sophisticated electronic means, but capable also of rediscovering the historical sounds of instruments such as Mellotron, and of reproducing in total interpenetration the sound scenarios of many musical trends of the last decades; it is undoubtedly a great tribute to progressive and minimalism, but without giving anything to “nostalgia operations”.


Screaming Sky opens the album, whose tracks, digitally recorded, come from a live performance at the Saturnalia festival (Macao, Milan 23/6/2018) which then underwent a radical studio remix. 

The title song, Our Time, is a long suite, a huge and composite fresco whose skeleton is punctuated by the sound of an old alarm clock that emerges cyclically and that tells us about the inexorable decline of everything, consumed by the time. And time is perhaps the main theme of the work, with the ambition to disorient the listener, uncertain between being in front of a product of today or an archaeological find of old masters of an unknown group of the 70s.

Paolo Grandi’s cello passes from lyrical moments in its natural sound to daring and complex elaborations in the electric version. Our time is a work veined with meditative pastel-colored melancholy, illuminated by the miniature Rain will come closing the A side.

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From an original idea by Franco Nanni
All music by elicoide (Franco Nanni & Paolo Grandi)
Franco Nanni: keyboards, harmonium, sound effects, mix
Paolo Grandi: electric & acoustic cello, suggestions & arrangements
* Vocals & lyrics: Franco Nanni, fretless bass: Emiliano Nanni